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New Bigger Lifts from Paul A Watler Machinery Movements

New Bigger Lifts from Paul A Watler Machinery Movements

Big Changes and Even Bigger Lifts for Paul A Watler (Machinery Movements). After the success of updating the smallest crane vehicle in our fleet last year; we have now updated the largest crane vehicle in our fleet.

It has come to the time where we have had to wave goodbye to our ageing Nooteboom low loader / crane trailer in favour of our latest purchase; An Andover Low Loader Trailer Paired with a Fassi F1100 XP crane. This impressive new setup affords us with the ability to lift and carry in excess of 20 Tonne.

To enable us to utilise this trailer to its fullest potential we have paired it with another new to us purchase of a Scania R420 6X2 with Rear Lift / Tag Axle. This combination gives us the potential to run special types loads (CAT 2) with gross weights of up to 60 Tonne.

For those of you reading this article and panicking; No, we haven’t sold off our Bull Nose Scania T-Cab. She is currently being rested and will be back out on the road soon….



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One year on with our DAF CF fully covered transport

After acquiring a DAF CF 18 toner, with 6 ton lifting and carrying capacity, and a full sliding canopy in August of last year, we can now report that this purchase was the perfect replacement for our aging DAF 45 210 LF 11.5 toner.

The sliding canopy affords us with a second fully covered transport vehicle and is ideal for all types of work including; local, national and international transport of machine tools.

In the past year we have undertaken many jobs with this new tool, comprising of, but not limited to; factory relocations, transport of new and old machine tools and international transport of specialist equipment.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer or would like a quote for our services with this or any other of the other vehicles in our fleet please contact us using the information on the “Contact Us” page.

Factory Relocation

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Time to let the team at Paul A. Watler Machinery Movements help you plan for growth, relocate to new premisses – or just upgrade the production facilities at your current location.

Whatever your needs, we offer a bespoke, tailored machinery movements and logistics service based in the UK, but with a global reach.

At Paul A Watler Machinery Movements, we understand that relocating an industrial enterprise can have potentially far-reaching effects on productivity. This is not the time to uncover the knock-on effects of poor planning, or lack of joined-up thinking.

Whether your requirements involve just the movement of a single machine, or the relocation of an entire production unit, the highly experienced team at Paul A Watler is there to help ensure any downtime is kept at a minimum.

And that production processes can restart at the earliest opportunity

Stillage Hire

We can offer a competitive stillage hire facility to help ensure that all the machine tools and other sundry items are all kept together during the moving operation. That way, everything is kept together with the machinery and start-up can take place without frustrating delays while missing items are located

Site Safety

All our staff are fully trained and qualified specialists in machinery movements. This has the added benefit of ensuring you don’t have to ask your own staff to undertake operations in which they are not necessarily familiar.

The operations team at Watler machinery Movements is fully qualified to operate the specialist machines and attachments needed to decommission, move and re-install your machinery, in the safest, most efficient manner, without putting your own staff at risk. Saving time, reducing risk and in many cases reducing the risk of damage or injury.

Our machinery movements team is experienced in the movement and relocation of all types of plant and machinery, including;-

* CNC machines

* Lathes

* Grinders

* Milling machines

* Broaching machines

* Injection moulding machines

* Blow moulding machines

* Sheet metal machinery

* Woodworking machinery

Site Assesment

Why Not Ask Us, First?

Whatever you plans, it’s probably worth calling in the team at Paul A Watler machinery movements first, before any plans are set in stone. That way, we can advise on the best plan of action and if need be, project manage the whole operation from start to finish.

So whether you just need one single machine moved to a different shop, or an entire operation moved to another site, call in the team at Watler first, for a no obligation discussion.

We’ll do the rest. On time. And on budget.