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One year on with our DAF CF fully covered transport

After acquiring a DAF CF 18 toner, with 6 ton lifting and carrying capacity, and a full sliding canopy in August of last year, we can now report that this purchase was the perfect replacement for our aging DAF 45 210 LF 11.5 toner.

The sliding canopy affords us with a second fully covered transport vehicle and is ideal for all types of work including; local, national and international transport of machine tools.

In the past year we have undertaken many jobs with this new tool, comprising of, but not limited to; factory relocations, transport of new and old machine tools and international transport of specialist equipment.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer or would like a quote for our services with this or any other of the other vehicles in our fleet please contact us using the information on the “Contact Us” page.

New – Fully Covered Transport

Scania "Bullnose" T-Cab with Stepframe Curtainsider trailer
Our newly acquired covered Lowlaoder with double fliptoe ramps and opening roof allowing us to transport both machinery requiring lifting by large fork truck together with the advantage carrying the Fork truck whilst all kept under cover.
In addition allowing machines to be craned in through the sliding roof or running with the roof open in the case of over height Machinery.
Allowing us to now offer a fully covered transport service.

Machinery Transport

Factory Relocation


Machine Transport

Paul A Watler Machinery Movements has over 40 years experience in road haulage and has a wide range of vehicles for transporting all types of machines anywhere in the UK and Europe .

All our drivers are fully trained and licensed to drive the vehicles and cranes and trained to high standards in loading, sheeting and transporting of all types of machines.

First we have the small 4 wheeled Daff 11 toner with a rear mount crane, that can be fitted with a 10 ton draw-bar trailer, this gives us the flexibility to move machines from places with restricted access. This small lorry gives good fuel consumption to allow us to be very competitive in the small end of the market, this also allows us to be more competitive with Cross Chanel movements as the shipping charges are a lot lower than a standard lorry.



Next we have the 6 wheeled Volvo FM12, 26ton ridged with a rear mount crane capable of lifting 9 tonnes and can be coupled with our new 25 ton Chieftain low loader drawbar trailer. This Vehicle gives us the capability to carry machines of the 3 to 9 ton range and with the chieftain trailer it allows us to have a total carrying capacity of 25 tonnes and carry large volumes of machines

Then we have the 8 wheeled ERF EC11, 32ton ridged with a rear mount Fassi capable of lifting 18 Tonnes and with a floor space of 27ft.


Our new Scania T-CAB

The latest addition to our fleet

Now we have the new addition to the fleet, The Flagship! A Scania 124G T-Cab Tractor unit with a Nooteboom Trombone low loader trailer fitted with a rear mount crane. This Vehicle was specially designed for transporting Tall, Long or Heavy machines. The trailer is a trombone so it will open up to carry long items up to 50 feet long.

Our specialist fleet of lorries and forklift trucks enable us to move all types of machines in a professional manner at competitive prices.