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New Scania T-CAB Added to the Fleet

Scania T-Cab
Scania ‘Bullnose’ T-cab tractor unit joins the Watler fleet.
To meet our customer’s changing needs, we’ve recently added a Scania 6×2 T-cab tractor unit to our machinery movements transport fleet. Coupled to a tri-axle ‘trombone’ low bed trailer fitted with rear-mounted  47tonne/metres PM crane, it is a great tool for industrial removals. It gets plenty of admiring glances wherever it goes.
‘Image’ is increasingly important in all aspects of industrial life, but the real news is that it gives our machinery movements team the extra muscle needed to handle the largest, most demanding roles.

“The Scania T-Cab is a real Flagship and attracts looks where ever we take it!”

Machine Moving

Machinery Movement


These are just some of our facilities and services…

* Compact truck/trailer combinations for movements in tight urban or rural locations.

* Two, Three and four axle rigid trucks with Fassi hydraulic crane capacity up to 60tonne/metres, together with low bed trailers. Up to 44tonne GTW capacity.

* Larger, maximum weight articulated tractor/low bed trailer combinations to speed up logistics over longer distances.

* ‘Versalift’ specialist forklift trucks and mobile cranes for both indoor and exterior site conditions. Low emissions LPG or spark-free units available if required.

* Short or longterm storage facilities. Assistance or complete project management of on-going shipping requirements. Within the UK, the EU, or on a global basis.

* Loading, packing and storage of shipping containers and delivery to port of departure as required. Air freight consignments – collection and delivery – also arranged.

* Ability to work within urban Low Emmission Zones, or environmentally sensitive areas where noise and dust emissions or general disruption to neighbours may be critical.

* An ethical approach to our businesss means you can feel confident that local by-laws, environmental and health & safety regulations are complied with.


Our staff are highly trained and experienced in the safe moving of all machinery through out the industry.

We are CNC Specialists and have vast experience in moving every type of machines, from engineering machines and sheet metal machines to injection moulding machines, woodworking machines and catering machines, including Press Brakes, Guillotines, Turret Punches, Power Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Laser Cutters, CNC Routers, Water Jets ect.

As well as moving all the conventional machine tools over the years we have kept up with the fast changing  industry and become CNC Machine tool specialists. We still move every type of Machine Tool from a conventional Lathe, Grinder and Mills to the latest Machining Centres, CNC Lathes and Gear Cutting Machines.