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New Bigger Lifts from Paul A Watler Machinery Movements

New Bigger Lifts from Paul A Watler Machinery Movements

Big Changes and Even Bigger Lifts for Paul A Watler (Machinery Movements). After the success of updating the smallest crane vehicle in our fleet last year; we have now updated the largest crane vehicle in our fleet.

It has come to the time where we have had to wave goodbye to our ageing Nooteboom low loader / crane trailer in favour of our latest purchase; An Andover Low Loader Trailer Paired with a Fassi F1100 XP crane. This impressive new setup affords us with the ability to lift and carry in excess of 20 Tonne.

To enable us to utilise this trailer to its fullest potential we have paired it with another new to us purchase of a Scania R420 6X2 with Rear Lift / Tag Axle. This combination gives us the potential to run special types loads (CAT 2) with gross weights of up to 60 Tonne.

For those of you reading this article and panicking; No, we haven’t sold off our Bull Nose Scania T-Cab. She is currently being rested and will be back out on the road soon….



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Specialist Equipment

Hyster 7 Ton Forklift
The Right Tool for the Job
At Watler Machinery Movements, we have a wide range of cranes, forklift trucks, slings, skates, special air skates, spreader beams and everything else needed to move your machinery safely and efficiently.
We have forklift trucks from one to  seven tonnes capacity for indoor or outside operations. And for more demanding projects, we have the option to hire in a Versalift unit with a lifting capacity of up to 44.8 tonnes.
For packing and lifting shipping containers, we have special low height forklift trucks as well as long reach trucks for outsized objects.
Our staff are all fully trained to the highest standards.

At Paul A Watler Machinery Movements we believe having the right tool for the job is esential.


All of are experienced staff are fully trained to a very high standard and licensed  to use all of our specialist equipment